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If you need a logo or some business cards, we can help with that for sure. But branding goes far beyond those basic assets. Let's face it, the market is saturated with competition for just about everything you can imagine. Potential customers can buy your product or service from anyone. How do you plan to build trust, trust that's strong enough to convey the message that your product or service is THE product or service to pick over the competition? Branding is about your business' voice, your identity. How will you speak to your audience? Where will you speak to them? How will you convince them that your brand is the best option out of all the other options from which they can choose at any given moment? Build a brand. Build a brand they can trust. That's how.


Consistency is key when building a brand. We'll create a brand style guide for you, complete with: fonts (typography dos and don'ts), pantone colors, logo sizes, logo options for light and dark backgrounds, options for both print and digital and more.


Once we've nailed down the look, or the design, of your brand, we need to focus on the feel of your brand. You've heard the saying, "people don't remember what you said, but how you made them feel." It's true with branding, too. What language do you want to use? Do you want to be casual or formal? Do you want to let your sense of humor show? Let's figure out your voice and tone.

Image by Webaroo

Who are your customers? Do you know where to find them? Do you know how old they are? Where do they shop? What's their typical income? What do they do for fun? These (and so many more!) are such important questions to ask when we're trying to figure out your brand. We're not building your brand for you after all, we're building it for your customers. Let's get to know them and their statistics. 

Let's talk about branding for your business...