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How can Garrison Agency help your business?

How can Garrison Agency help?

Content & Copywriting - I won’t bore you with the differences between the two right now. If you're super interested, check that out here. I’ll just list a few examples of the types of things I’ve worked on in the past. I can help with: emails, blog posts, print and digital ads/articles, social media captions (like those really tough ones you have to write saying you’re either closing or still open when the world is falling apart), website bios, white papers, technical docs, training manuals, website copy, product descriptions and…Although it’s not content or copywriting, I’ve also done a significant amount of ghostwriting for different magazine publications throughout Arizona, California and Colorado. Long story short, I right real good fur u. (C'mon, that was funny!)

Website Design - Whether you need a new site from scratch or just a second eye on your current site, we can help. With 10 years experience in web and mobile application development, we’ve got the technical side covered. On top of that, we're well-versed in what makes a good website. This includes things like: the psychology behind where to place the buttons and what colors to use, what questions to ask and not ask on contact forms and the correct usage of headlines and backend site structure for search engine optimization within your copy. 


Search Engine Optimization - This one is a doozy. If you’re thinking of getting started on your SEO and are struggling because of COVID-19, please read the following closely. — I list this service last because, for the time being, it will be the least useful for small businesses. This is NOT to say SEO is not useful. SEO is absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt useful and you unquestionably must have it for your business. However, it takes time. This is something I know a lot of us don’t have right now. To properly establish a decent search engine presence takes 3-6 months. Getting started now is definitely something that I’d recommend for your business if you’re one of the fortunate few who aren’t being affected by COVID-19. However, if you are being affected, there is no SEO company who can start now and help you quickly enough to make a difference. If they tell you they can, they are not being truthful. I wouldn’t feel right taking your money today for beginning SEO work. Having said that, you do still need SEO. So, if you are in a position where you are able to throw a few bucks at investing in getting found online, I'm your girl! 

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Support these amazing local small businesses in & around Phoenix!

Support these Small Businesses!

Adam Throop / Fairway Mortgage - Adam Throop from Fairway Independent Mortgage in Scottsdale, AZ, is committed to taking great care of people who are looking to buy or refinance a home. Adam has been in the mortgage industry since 2006, and believes that the most important aspect of being a loan originator is customer service. He prides himself of exceeding expectations, which includes taking the time to explain the process and options in an easy-to-understand way. Adam enjoys working in the mortgage industry because he loves to help people.

Angela Reiter / IT Massage & Bodywork - Angie Reiter is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona and an approved continuing education provider. Angie has over 26 years of hands on experience in many modalities but with a strength in working with individuals with chronic pain issues. She has not only educated massage therapists at a foundational level but provides licensed massage therapists continuing education units to maintain their required state licensure countrywide.

Carmen Gustin / 1st Stop Funding - Carmen provides commercial financing for businesses of all sizes. 1st Stop Funding's capabilities rival even the largest financial institutions due to their established relationships with: financial institutions, private equity investors, banks, asset-based lenders, equipment lenders, and preferred SBA lenders. Simply put, no one bank can provide these services. As if providing businesses with much needed financing wasn't enough, Carmen has become THE go-to for small businesses who need resources related to PPP (Payment Protection Program) or SBA information. Check out the resources below for more information, provided by Carmen.   

David Lizanetz / Sour Apple Gallery - When we're not all trapped inside, David's store, Sour Apple Gallery is one of the Garrison family's favorite places. This pop culture brick & mortar store, with artwork, vintage toys, video games, vinyl records, trading card sets, comics and more is a nerd's paradise. While things are weird with the world, David is adhering to social distancing rules and taking appointments at the store, as well as selling his incredible art on his Etsy store. We discovered him at Comicon several years ago when Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton purchased a great Batman piece from his booth. Check out his store for some awesome art you won't see anywhere else!   

Edward Givens / Health Markets - Edward takes care of all of Garrison Agency's health insurance needs. He's attentive, thorough and patient enough to answer all of our questions (and we had a lot!) before moving forward. With so many in a transition period with employment right now, Edward will help check this box off your to-do list with as little stress as possible. Choosing insurance plans can be difficult. That’s why he makes it easy. he makes the calls, compares the plans and prices, and finds you the insurance plan that fits your needs. Best of all, his help is at no cost to you.

Jeff Kaminsky / highresolution Printing - highresolution® makes sure your collateral reflects the class and quality of your company with identity packages that flatter your brand. We know that details matter, and can show you how different combinations of offset or digital printing, engraving, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, and die cutting can make your luxury printing production one-of-a-kind. We even have full bindery and mailing capabilities.

Jim & Christy Osborn Photography - Jim and Christy Osborn are the power couple everyone wants to know. Married for 37 years, and not slowing down any time soon, they make an unstoppable team in everything they do. They won't just snap some pictures of you. They capture a story you won't want to put down in every shot. But their work doesn't stop there. Then they work tirelessly in post to deliver you with the very best version of your photos. Are they magic? Probably not. Do they kind of seem magical? Yeah, maybe a little. 

Jodi Dudley/ ReLeafpack - The ReLeafpack is a cold pack designed to relieve pain anywhere. Created right here in Phoenix, by migraine sufferers, this cold pack is loved by athletes and chronic pain sufferers alike for natural, drug free pain relief. The ReLeafpack is made with a locally sourced, all-natural dried bean-blend filler, 100% cotton fabric, 100% recycled labels and does not contain plastics, liquids or gels. We are eco-friendly and reusable! Vegan + non-melting.

Jon Corcoran / Edward Jones - As an Edward Jones financial advisor, I believe it’s important to fully understand what is most important to you. Whether you're planning for retirement, saving for college for children or grandchildren, or just trying to protect your financial future, I am here to help. As your financial advocate I will help you plan, fund and achieve your financial goals. In addition, I welcome the opportunity to work with your attorney, accountant and other trusted professionals to deliver a comprehensive strategy that leverages everyone's expertise. Working together, we can develop a complete, tailored strategy to help you achieve your most important financial goals.

Priscilla Sweet / Silver Rose Bakery - Celebrations don't have to be canceled. Priscilla and her husband Michael will help ensure your birthday, anniversary or even small wedding or event still continue with smaller versions of their normal desserts, delivered straight to your door with no-contact delivery. They also have virtual tastings to make sure you're getting the perfect cake! Your choice of a small cake plus mini desserts or a celebration two-tier cake. Delivery included in Maricopa County.  Your choice of a buttercream frosted cake design and flavor.  Your choice of two mini dessert options.

Tara Cross / Extension Goddess - Although salons have been shut down for the time being, keep this amazing woman's info! She does more than extensions and does it all with one goal in mind, to make women beautiful! 

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

Local First Arizona - Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses. They've been on top of things since day one of Coronavirus and have put together a great site for small business owners.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources - For up-to-date coronavirus information, Arizonans and all Americans should listen to government scientists and specialists. They are experts and will help Arizonans stay safe, healthy, and calm.

Community and Referrals - Putting the humanity back into business! If you could use referrals to grow your business, check out this group. Garrison Agency is a proud member of the Aspire chapter, meeting once a week (virtually, of course), to get to know one another both personally and professionally. Having a community of other strong business owners to do life with at a time like this is almost as good as having enough toilet paper. 

Apply for the PPP, SBA payment protection program here - Thank you to Carmen Gustin, with 1st Stop Funding for providing this information! Please share this link.  Some businesses are looking for a way to apply for the Payment Protection Program.1st Stop Funding is a National Business lending Broker. At NO COST TO YOU, we are assisting in the process.

Before you get started please have the following items available for upload:
· documentation verifying the average monthly payroll from calendar year 2019, such as payroll processing records, payroll tax filings, or Form 1099-MISC, or income and expenses from a sole proprietorship.
· a copy of your IRS Forms 940 and 941 (as of 12/31/19 and 3/31/20, respectively). *
· 2019 Schedule C- EVEN if you have not filed yet

Common Questions:

  • Can I apply as a sole proprietor?  Yes.  As long as you had your business prior to February 15, 2020.

  • When will I hear back from someone?   You will receive an email immediately after you apply.  From there on, keep chiding your email and spam.  The truth is, we don’t know how many applications are received each day etc. This is a brand-new situation and everyone is working hard.  If anyone gives you a timeline, it is true speculation.  Keep an eye on your email and spam.

  • Next steps:  Once the lender has reviewed your file with human eyes you will receive an email with your instructions to continue.  Some of the business owners have needed to forward more information.

· Keep your eyes on email (spam!).
· You and all owners will be receiving a DocuSign application.  I DO NOT KNOW WHEN YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS.  Please remember banks are processing applications from almost every business in the united states.
· After you DocuSign, you’ll hear again from email as to the next steps.
· If you CLICKED THE SUBMIT BUTTON, your file is in line. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME to see if your application was received.  Everyone is backlogged and it will only slow down the process.

  • Can I receive funds on the PPP and the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).?  Yes, when applying for the PPP it will ask you if you received EIDL money and you will input what you received.

  • Are Funds running out? The government is committed to helping businesses and the American economy. 

  • What are terms on loan? If you do not qualify for forgiveness, TERMS.  2 years at 1%. fixed, no payments for 6 months, unsecured. no personal guarantee

  • When Is this forgivable? Fully Forgiven Funds are provided in the form of loans that will be fully forgiven when used for payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities (due to likely high subscription, at least 75% of the forgiven amount must have been used for payroll)? Loan payments will also be deferred for six months. No collateral or personal guarantees are required. Neither the government nor lenders will charge small businesses any fees.
Must Keep Employees on the Payroll—or Rehire Quickly Forgiveness is based on the employer maintaining or quickly rehiring employees and maintaining salary levels. Forgiveness will be reduced if full-time headcount declines, or if salaries and wages decrease.

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