Services / Documentation

We are able to provide several types of documentation tailored for your target audience. We offer process documentation, step-by-step training materials, as well as technical specifications to name a few.


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Process Documentation

Garrison Agency has experience in creating detailed process documentation for employee reference in industries such as, mobile app development, health insurance brokerage and identity theft protection.

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Training Materials

We have an extensive background in creating training materials for several companies over the years.  Our training materials include easy-to-understand text, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.  The goal with our training materials is to enable new employees to learn their jobs quickly and empower them to work with confidence and knowledge. 

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Technical Writing

Garrison Agency works closely with software engineers and developers on many of its projects.  This relationship has given us a thorough understanding of the technical requirements to build projects like websites, mobile apps, CRM Systems, backend support software and much more.  Once the visual design work is complete for these projects, we create detailed specification documents for the engineers and developers to utilize when building them.

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Content Writing

Scottsdale Bible Church is a Scottsdale-based ministry.  We're proud to have contributed to their main printed publication, "Compass Magazine".  We've ghost-written biographical articles for the magazine with an audience of approximately 10,000.