Services / Marketing

The face of marketing has changed drastically in the past 5-10 years. Inbound Marketing is the new norm for most industries, while others still thrive using old school methods. Whichever suits your needs, we can help.

Inbound Marketing

Buyers no longer want to be sold to. A June 2019 study from HubSpot Inc., showed that 81% of customers trust their friends' and family's advice over advice from a business. Inbound Marketing is about attracting, engaging and delighting your customers. We're well-versed in each step of the inbound marketing flywheel and can help connect you with your customers so that they become promoters of your business.

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Content Creation

If someone is looking at your brand, they want to learn about you. Let’s teach them. Let’s show them why your business is the solution for their needs. Yes, we can write blogs for you, but we go beyond just putting words on a page. We’ll create engaging calls-to-action that give your potential customers more. More content. More information. More education. More you. 


Some people honestly may just not have time to read a blog. That’s OK. We believe in meeting your customers where they are. Whether you're B2B or B2C, your customers are still people and marketing is about connecting with people. We take the time to get to know your buyers and to create custom-tailored content for them. 

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The importance of blog writing is incomparable. From lending credence to your brand as an authority or subject matter expert, to increasing your SEO ranking, providing engagement on social media, lead nurturing and finding a place to house dynamic calls-to-action - blogs are so multi-purposeful, you'd be amiss to not let us help you put this useful marketing tool into practice to help grow your business.

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Outbound Marketing

According Inbound Marketing pioneers, Hubspot, in 2017, 84% of marketers found the Inbound Marketing methodology to be successful in growing their business. Where does this leave the remaining 16%? Having worked with businesses, large and small, for over a decade, Garrison Agency is here to make sure no business is left out. Outbound Marketing includes tradeshows, rack cards, advertising, etc...We've been in the game long enough to know what's effective and what isn't.