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Our trainer and co-founder, Nikki, is working hard to create a new workshop for local Phoenix business owners looking to grow their business using inbound marketing. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills or try inbound for the first time, Nikki is dedicated to making sure you don’t walk away disappointed. 

We get that you're busy and need to get back to work. So we won't take up days of your time. Nikki is doing her best to make this class to as short as possible, while still teaching you everything you'll need to know. She understands that not everyone learns the same way. The best audience for this workshop will be those who learn better by being taught and asking questions, rather than going online and being overwhelmed by the endless amount of information.


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How to Grow Your Business with Inbound Marketing Workshop

When: We're aiming for mid-February.

How Much: We’re still working on all of the details, but we’re thinking it’ll be around $150-$250/per seat. We promise to get you the biggest bang for your buck! 

Where: We'll meet at Mesquite Public Library (near Paradise Valley Mall).

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