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Just a little bit about us...

About Garrison Agency 

Garrison Agency is a local, Phoenix boutique consulting and digital marketing firm that was founded after several years of performing freelance work for small startups and large corporations alike. We are a small, dedicated team of individuals with a singular goal in mind...helping honest people succeed.

With experience in the good, the bad, and the ugly (and everything in between) of business, Garrison Agency understands the nuances of why your business is more than just a job to you. You give your all to your customers; we will too. We’re proud to help your small business tell its one-of-a-kind story and get noticed with impactful marketing, creative content and copywriting, strategic SEO, and thoughtful web design.


SEO services expert in Phoenix, AZ.

Nikki Garrison

SEO Guru

Our Team

small business web designer in Phoenix.

Chris Garrison

Web Design Guru

Nikki was born and raised in Tennessee, the Volunteer State. Helping others isn't really something she knows how to turn off. She's one of those people who's never met a stranger and makes friends in line at the grocery store. So when she realized she had a knack for helping others grow their business, she jumped in headfirst. She brings with her a background in startups, technical project management, and inbound marketing, plus a love for people and meeting each customer where they are.

Chris, a Phoenix native, is the man behind the curtain who helps everything run smoothly. He's the expert in all things operations, procedures, bookkeeping, statistics, and oh yeah, his actual job - web design. His experience in startups, software and mobile app development, and statistical and data analysis/organization creates the perfect balance for Garrison Agency. He has an amazing ability to look at a problem and not only see all the possible solutions or roadblocks but then create thorough plans for each of them.

Why Choose Us?

SEO agency in Phoenix, AZ.


We’re elder millennials. So, we’re literally the generation who built the Internet. As kids, we used encyclopedias and typewriters to do our homework. We played outside and used our imaginations. So you can bet we’re resourceful! Then, somewhere between high school and college this Internet thing happened, Google was invented, and MySpace taught us how to code. The rest as they say, is history. So, we KNOW the Internet. We grew up alongside the Internet. It’s like an old friend and like any old friend, we understand what makes it tick. We speak its language. We know how to feed the monster that is the big, bad algorithm. Spoiler alert, it’s not that big or bad. We kinda like it actually.


On top of being born at the perfect point in history, we have 10 years of experience (20 combined, which sounds insane to us!) in tech startups. And everyone knows, startup years are like dog years.

We Support Small Business.

We love supporting small business. As a small business ourselves, we understand what it takes to put your heart and soul, not to mention your family’s livelihood, into what you do. We don’t take it lightly and consider it a privilege that our customers choose us to partner with to help grow their business. We’re proud to help your small business get noticed online and legitimately become giddy right there with each and every victory you experience.

small busines web design firm in Phoenix, AZ.
web designer for small business in Phoenix.

We Value Community.

Last and hopefully not least, we have values and all that good stuff. We give 10% of every dollar we make, every month to various organizations in which we’ve placed our support. We don’t share this to get a pat on the back. We share it to let you know that we put our money where our mouth is, to let you know where your money is going, and to hopefully encourage others to do the same.


Who We Serve

It’s all about those small businesses for us. There’s nothing we love more than helping a small business grow from nothing to bursting at the seams. We’ve helped guys in the trades industry go from getting 2 or 3 calls a week to 10+ calls a day. We’ve helped mental health therapists go from opening the doors of their practice with one therapist to expanding into a third office with 15+ therapists on the team. We genuinely love small business and if you are ready to grow yours, we’re here to help you do it.


That said, it’s probably easier to mention the industries we don’t accept for our SEO monthly maintenance, than listing the ones we do accept. Because we are a small team, we’ve found that our bandwidth becomes compromised when working with real estate agents, attorneys, or insurance companies. As such, we only accept those industries for our SEO Coaching Classes. Lastly, we do not work with multi-level marketing in any capacity.


When it comes to web design, we work with website developers all over Arizona. If we can’t build the site your business needs, we probably know someone who can. So, don’t hesitate to reach out!

small business web design and seo company Phoenix

We just hired Garrison Agency to take our business to the next level. Our goal was to increase our online presence and SEO and that is exactly what Nikki did/is doing. If anything let her do your competitor matrix - it will open your eyes to how you stand in the market. She diligently works to improve your business no matter what industry you're in. You won't be disappointed!

Priscilla Sweet - Owner - Silver Rose Bakery

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