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Web Design

Every client is different. Every business is different. We're not going to push out a cookie-cutter site for you overnight. We'll work with you to build the perfect website to represent your small business. You're the subject matter expert on your business. We've got the rest covered. We'll handle all of the technical pieces, like where to include the CTAs, when to launch your "Coming Soon" page, and how to tie in your SEO with your copywriting. We're here to help with landing pages to full corporate sites.


Check out some of the small business websites we've built. 


  1. We start with a free 30-minute consultation call to determine your website needs. We promise we're cool. We're not salesy at all. This is your time to ask questions and make sure you like us, and our time to get a feel for how we can best help you. 

  2. We’ll send you a handy dandy checklist so we can get to work. This includes stuff like, getting your domain set up, gathering the right assets, and figuring out which platform is best to build your site. We're here to walk you through each part of this checklist. 

  3. Once the checklist is complete, work begins! We typically have sites launched in 14-30 days. Your happiness is our obsession. We are the experts at web design. But you are the expert on your business. When it comes to your website, we want to work as a team to build the best site possible to grow your business. 

  4. Once the team is happy with the site, we launch! We have a few different options for handing the site off to you. 


Option 1: Total Handoff - You’re no stranger to a little HTML here and formatting there. You’ve got this! You can handle it from here.

Option 2: Hybrid Handoff - You can handle the little stuff. You can upload a picture or change some text if need be but would love the option to have us nearby. 

Option 3: No Handoff - You’re not technical at all or you just don't have the time, and you need us to continue managing everything. Either way, we’ve got you! 


The reason we have different options is simple. We understand budgets, big and small. We're in this to help you grow your business. There are too many development companies out there who are too quick to sell monthly retainers or charge their customers outrageous hourly rates just to update an image or change some text once every couple of months. 


That is not us. If it doesn’t help you, we’re not interested. Period.

How It Works - Web Design
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