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Your business needs a website.

web design services for small business.

Every business needs a website. Whether it’s a quick one-pager with a few pictures, some text, and contact info…or a full site with multiple pages, a blog, image gallery, and more. Websites build trust and confidence that your business is established and has got it together.


We design and build professional, affordable websites for small businesses.

If this sounds like you....

“I wish someone could just design a beautiful website for me, then let me manage it myself without having to wait days or pay a developer hourly to update…”

“I don’t understand why every website needs to be designed on a complicated platform…”

“I’m tired of web developers talking down to me or holding my website hostage…”

Then, we should talk…


Our sites are built on an easy-to-use platform backed by powerful infrastructure. Once we do the heavy lifting of designing a great, professional website for your business, we hand the keys off to you. You own your website.


Every client is different. Every business is different. We're not going to push out a cookie-cutter site for you overnight. We'll work with you to build the perfect website to represent your small business. You're the subject matter expert on your business. Your input, expertise, and knowledge are just as important as ours. Let’s build a website together!

Ready to get started on your shiny new website? Simply complete our contact form. We're excited to hear from you and find out what we can do to support your small business!

Our Work

Here are some of the recent websites we've built for small business owners just like you.

Click an image to read more about the business and how Garrison Agency was able to help.

You might just find a new vendor or a service you've been looking for while you're at it!


Our Pricing

Our websites start around $1,500. That gets you a 2-3 page site. Most websites we build are between $2,250 - $3,000 because the majority of businesses choose SEO setup as well. We have plenty of pricing options for all sorts of budgets. Just ask.

how much does a small business website cost in Phoenix?

Website Maintenance

Changing out pictures, text, or other edits down the road are super easy. We offer training on how to do this for anyone who needs it. Of course, we can take care of it if you like, but our philosophy is that there’s no reason to continue taking your money when it’s something you easily can do on your own for free. 


We understand what it’s like to run a small business. Budgets aside, we get that sometimes Saturday night at 11pm is when work gets done. So, if that’s when you want to update your website, who are we to stand in your way?


If you do need us to help, we offer website maintenance to anyone with a Garrison Agency designed website. It’s just $75/hr. 


Sorry. We don’t provide maintenance on sites that were built by other website developers. If you really do need help with an existing site that we didn’t build though, shoot us a message and we can most likely hook you up with another local Phoenix web developer who can help.

WOW!!! Nikki and Chris completely exceeded my expectations when it came to designing and building a user friendly website for my business.  They are professional, organized and so creative! They were patient with me, took the time to answer my questions and trained me on how to make edits and changes to the site when needed. I can't recommend Garrison Agency enough! I am so impressed and have gotten so many compliments on my site and the functionality! Hire them!!!

Stephanie Silva

Sweet Boutique Bakehouse

Nikki and the team at Garrison Agency did a fantastic job with me and my website. I'm pretty busy and they essentially had to babysit me the whole way through. They couldn't be more patient or friendly and did a great job!

Stephen Burke

Burkies Mosquito & Pest Control

Nikki and Chris were beyond helpful when I needed to create a website, especially when it came to all of the content.  It makes such a huge difference trying to write your own copy vs a professional that interprets what you want to say.  I get so many compliments on how it looks and is easy to navigate.

Montana Mealey

Westwood Vintage Designs

What Our Web Design Clients Are Saying

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